the pool model

The pool model is a physics-based model designed by one of our founders Yari Van Hecke. It mainly consists of heat equations, each approximating a different kind of heat flow:

  • Conduction through the floor and walls of the pool
  • Convection caused by the wind
  • Evaporation caused by the sun and the humidity
  • ...

All of these heat flows are included in our model and calculated differently for each pool's specifications (read below). The model already proved to perform well in our pool simulator

Heat Equations

The location of the pool determines the local weather forecasts. Parameters such as the outside temperature, air pressure, wind speed and solar radiation are used to model the heat losses due to the environment of the pool.

Dimensions & materials
The pool's dimensions are used to calculate the volume of water for which the model needs to predict the temperature. Other specifications of the pool are considered as well, such as the color of the tub, the type of cover, and other construction materials.

Heat pump
The characteristics of your heat pump are used to set up a seperate model able to simulate the heating capacity and coefficient of performance (COP) of the heat pump.

Solar panels
Many pool owners also have solar panels. Our model is able to incorporate solar power information to predict and control how much of that power can be used for heating the swimming pool.