the wattr system

The wattr system consists of a customly designed DIN rail module and an accompanying mobile application. The module serves as a controller and is connected to as many of your pool devices as you desire. Below is a list of different devices we support

  • Heat pumps: Phnix, Fairland and relatives
  • Filtration devices: Oxilife, Idegis and relatives
  • Pool covers
  • Pool lighting
  • ... and much more
The wattr system
wattr on a phone

The wattr app is available for Android and iOS and allows you to control all your pool devices in one place.

Download for Android Download for iOS

Plan your swimming sessions

Let the system know when you're planning to swim. This way, your pool can be heated accordingly. Plan a weekly recurring workout of half an hour, or a whole afternoon for just one pool party.

Plan your swimming sessions

Manage your pool anywhere and anytime

You're in control. Check what the system is doing, the coming weather, and lots of other statistics about your pool.

Plan your swimming sessions

Connect any other equipment

Our modular system allows to connect devices other than your heat pump, such as your filtration device, pool cover, or even your pool lights. Anything you desire in one place!

Plan your swimming sessions